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Biotechnology with Student Activities | GRADES 6–8

Introduce students to the rapidly growing field of biotechnology

This book offers students the opportunity to work on their own, in pairs, or in teams to complete fun and applicable assignments.

    • chapters open with a photograph and an Essential Question to focus attention on the chapter’s main idea

    • student activities extend information, challenging students to be creative and gain a deeper understanding of the material

    • lessons followed by a complete set of questions—vocabulary, multiple-choice, and short answer—to help students review the topic and assess comprehension

    • Chapter Reviews reinforce facts and concepts in a variety of question formats, such as true-false, multiple choice, and short answer

    • student Mini-Labs engage students in investigations that require inquiry skills and critical thinking

    • Graphing Skills exercises enhance comprehension of the material while strengthening students’ skills at drawing and using graphs

    • photographs, diagrams, figures, and tables illustrate concepts and clarify the concepts being taught

    • activities have been “student tested” and many can be used with students of differing abilities

Teacher Manual

Presents fully-developed lessons with student Mini-Labs, graphing skills, and student activities for enhanced learning. An Answer Key is included.

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Biotechnology with Student Activities (Laura M. Johnson) - Student Edition

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Life Science   Includes Teacher Manual, Test Book, and Answer Key
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Biotechnology with Student Activities - Teacher Manual

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