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Review, Practice, & Mastery

Common Core State Standards | GRADES 3–8
English/Language Arts and Mathematics

Embed the Common Core State Standards into your daily curriculum

Forty-six states have adopted all or part of the Common Core State Standards. Embed the standards into your daily curriculum with Review, Practice, & Mastery to provide systematic review of the Common Core skills with ongoing assessment and progress monitoring.

A consistent instructional design guides students to mastery of the skills in the Common Core State Standards for Math, Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, Language, and Writing.

Diagnostic Pretest

Items match the skills found in the Common Core and allow assessment of current knowledge.


Skill lessons provide guided review of each standard. Each lesson focuses on understanding the higher-order thinking skills needed to meet the rigor of the standards.


Authentic independent practice of each skill.

    • Math—includes modeled step-by-step solutions.

    • Reading—includes model questions with explanations and a Writing Test Workshop with sections on persuasive, informative, and narrative essays as emphasized in the Common Core. This includes how to read a test prompt and strategies for organizing and presenting ideas clearly and effectively in a limited time frame, model student essays, and rubrics for evaluation.


Comprehensive and lesson-level tests for each standard measure progress and skill mastery.

This program is SOLD ONLY TO educators and sent to school or district addresses only.