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Better Test Scores

Grades 3–12

Standardized and state test preparation

The Better Test Scores program prepares students for two types of tests

Four steps to testing success

1. Pretest/Diagnosis

Pretest items match the format of state tests. Errors are correlated to specific lessons so students can focus on areas of weakness.

2. Model Lessons

Students work through sample questions and compare their answers to the correct responses. Then they receive direct instruction in specific test-taking strategies and subject area tips to help improve their performance.

3. Authentic Practice

Students apply test-taking strategies to timed practice tests in the same format as standardized or state tests and chart their results to monitor progress.

4. Posttest

Students practice using test-taking strategies on a timed posttest that mirrors the format of an authentic standardized or state test. A reproducible bubble answer sheet provides practice transferring their answers.

A research-based
program with proven results!

Does teaching test-taking strategies really improve test scores? YES!

  • Test-wiseness (knowing how to take a test) is learned, not inborn.
  • A student who performs at the 50th percentile would probably score over the 60th percentile after learning test-taking strategies.

How much time should be spent teaching test-taking strategies?

There is a direct correlation between hours spent learning test-taking strategies and percentile growth on tests.

Hours of Training

Percentile Points









Do low-ability students benefit from learning test-taking strategies? YES!

In nine studies, low-ability students gained more than middle- and high-ability students who had the same training. This holds true for ESL students as well.

How can teaching test-wiseness be integrated into the curriculum?

Educators integrate the books into the curriculum in various ways. Two of the most common approaches include

  • integrating test-taking strategy lessons throughout the year as students practice the skills covered in the program.
  • directly teaching a Better Test Scores strategy lesson for 10 to 30 minutes daily beginning 5 to 10 weeks before a test.

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