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Kinetic Math | GRADES 8–12

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Ground-breaking digital curriculum designed for 21st century learners!

Algebra I
Algebra II

Designed for digital classroom
Developed to meet the classroom challenges of today

Tested by thousands of students!
    • Student-friendly instruction—videos and whiteboards with audio take students step-by-step through each concept and problem type. Every exercise and assignment has a direct link to instructional support.

    • Formative assessment—Quickchecks provide immediate, individualized intervention and feedback.

    • Activities and applications—interactive applications, activities, and learning games deepen students’ understanding and provide an opportunity to apply knowledge to real-world settings.

    • Kinetic Homework—assessments use math input keys similar to prototype Common Core assessments and reward effort by giving students multiple pathways to success.

    • Accessible to all students—timely interventions ensure success for all students. Make differentiation a reality with videos with explicit instruction by master teachers, whiteboards with audio support, step-by-step problem solving support, and interactive activities.

Designed for teachers!
    • Extensive instructional support—thousands of interactive lessons and videos provide whole class, small group, and individualized instructional support, making it easy to provide just-in-time learning regardless of student ability.

    • Easy-to-use lesson plans—one-click access to resources, including editable warm-up problems, online homework, quizzes, and tests.

    • Automated assignments and grading—pre-built or customizable assignments. Vary parameters by student, class, or course. Automated grading provides actionable data in real time.

    • Focus on individual student needs—progress monitoring reports and automated grading allow teachers to pinpoint learning needs for each student and assign effective digital instructional interventions.

    • Easy to implement—organized to make the transition from print to digital easy. Set up a class, select assignments, and you’re ready to go!

Built for the Common Core

All content is built to meet the Common Core State Standards and implement the Standards for Mathematical Practice

    • Interactive activities build conceptual understanding and teach students to reason abstractly and quantitatively.

    • Problem sets with immediate feedback and intervention build math fluency, attention to precision, and use of problem-solving structures.

    • Technology is strategically used to construct mathematical models to solve real world problems.

    • Pencil and paper problems and journal activities encourage students to work collaboratively to justify, communicate, and respond mathematically to others.

Flexible options for use—the choice is yours
    • visual support while the teacher provides the direct instruction

    • whole group instruction

    • assign to remedial or advanced groups

    • use with students that were absent to catch up on the instruction they missed

    • an effective instructional tool for substitute teachers

    • acts as a personal tutor for students needing extra support

    • for flipped classrooms, assign the instructional whiteboards as homework