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Many Voices Literature

Pathways: Literature for Readers and Writers | GRADE 9

Perfect for your ninth grade literature class!

Classic and contemporary literature brings out the best
in your readers and writers

Organized into eight thematic units, this anthology is a powerful blend of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and specific genre studies students draw upon as inspiration for discussion and for writing.

Each unit's genre study opens the doors to deeper understanding of various forms of literature including short stories, drama, poetry, mythology, and nonfiction. 782 pages.

Special Focus: Writing

Address the varied needs of a full-year literature course and provide a bridge from the appreciation and analysis of literature to the writer's perspective through a Writers on Writing selection at the end of each unit. Writers such as Gary Paulsen, Julia Alvarez, Shirley Jackson, and Amy Tan describe the writer's world.

Students develop the writing skills needed for academic and life success. A range of writing workshop activities, one at the end of each unit, provides an opportunity for students to develop their own voice, style, and fluency.

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