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Reading Essentials in Science

Develop content-area reading skills with curricular-aligned science books

Reading Essentials in Science is designed to meet the demanding needs of today's classroom. 24-48 pages

    • Focus on Nonfiction
      Build students' skills in content-area comprehension of informational text, a critical component of state tests and necessary for future success in and out of the classroom.

    • High-Impact Visual Design
      Captures interest and directs attention to critical textual elements.

    • Aligned with Standards
      Close correlation to state standards, National Science Education Standards, and Project 2061 Benchmarks for Science Literacy.

    • Extends Learning
      The wide range of topics allows students to extend their learning through the books themselves, related Web sites, project ideas, and parent/home activities.

    • Research Based
      Develops students' reading proficiency through proven teaching strategies.

Student Books

Science Features

    • in-depth, yet accessible explanations of science topics

    • science topics aligned with state standards and Next Generation Science Standards

    • experiments using the scientific method

    • informational text features such as heading, subheading, photos, timelines, charts, and others

    • introduction to scientists of significance

    • focus on technology advancements

Content-Area Reading Skills

    • develops technical vocabulary

    • introduces various expository text structures

    • builds understanding of informational text features

    • provides practice of critical reading skills

    • develops informational reading skills
      —cause and effect
      —relate visuals to text
      —compare and contrast
      —and others

Teaching and Assessment Resources

More than 80 pages of strategies, activities, and information to improve comprehension.

    • prereading ideas, reading, writing, vocabulary, and content-area activities

    • content-area vocabulary-building exercises

    • project ideas and experiments

    • strategies for use with English Language Learners

    • a chart correlating each title to national standards

    • a skills and strategies chart for each title

    • an objective test for each title

Teaching Content-Area Literacy Strategies Resource

Research-based strategies for teaching content-area literacy before, during, and after reading and with ELLs.

Specially designed Student Post-it® Notes promote active reading. 3 pads=1 student package.

Thematic Book Set

    • 6 softcover copies of 5 Student Books (30)

    • a FREE Teaching and Assessment Resource

    • a FREE durable storage box

Books Sampler
    • 1 softcover copy of each title (5)

    • a Teaching and Assessment Resource

Complete Package
    • 24 Thematic Book Sets (720 softcover Student Books)

    • 24 Teaching and Assessment Resources

    • 1 Teaching Content-Area Literacy Strategies Resource

    • 24 storage boxes

    • a 3-pack of Student Post-it® Notes

List of Themes

Select a theme below to view titles and ordering information.

Science in Social &
Personal Perspectives

Global Issues
Healthy Living

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Reading Essentials in Science Complete Package - Softcover

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Student Post-it Notes (Package of 3 pads)

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