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New York Learning Standards and Core Curriculum:
Review, Practice, & Mastery | GRADES 3–8

Designed Specifically for New York!
    • Lessons directly support the New York State Core Curriculum

    • Guided practice for skill mastery

    • Pretests and posttest that align with the New York state tests

    • Reviewed by New York teachers


New York English Language Arts Test Preparation Books

New York Mathematics Test Preparation Books

New York Science Test Preparation Books

Four Steps to New York Testing Success

The Review, Practice, & Mastery program follows a sound and consistent instructional design that benefits both students and teacher.

1. Pretest/Diagnosis

Students take a comprehensive pretest that mirrors the New York state tests and chart their results on the reproducible skills chart in the teacher guide. Instruction can then focus on specific lessons containing the strategies and practice the students need.

2. Review

All of the skills in the New York Learning Standards and Core Curriculum are thoroughly reviewed with step-by-step instruction. Model questions are in the format of the New York state tests. In addition, test-taking strategies are embedded in every lesson to help students become testwise.

3. Authentic Practice

Every lesson concludes with a timed practice test that covers the skills and test-taking strategies reviewed in that lesson. Just as on the pretest and posttest, the item types match those on the New York state tests.

4. Mastery

A timed comprehensive mastery test at the end of the book shows the growth students have made from the pretest to the posttest. A reproducible bubble answer sheet is provided in the teacher guide so students can experience an authentic testing environment.

This program is SOLD ONLY TO educators and sent to school or district addresses only.