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New York Learning Standards and Core Curriculum:
Review, Practice, & Mastery | GRADES 3–8


Student Book Features
    • Each mathematics indicator is reviewed and practiced

    • An interactive, step-by-step problem-solving process provides guided review

    • Students practice answering multiple-choice and open-ended test items

    • Textboxes, highlighted text, charts, graphs, and visuals make the book reader-friendly

    • Reproducible bubble answer sheets and timed tests create an authentic testing environment

Loaded with test-taking strategies!

Each Review, Practice, & Mastery Math Student Book has

      • general test-taking tips

      • tips for taking the New York state math test

      • additional tips, hints, and strategies highlighted in each lesson

      • a quick review of key math concepts and skills in each lesson

Teacher Guide Features
    • Complete answers to all practice and try-out tests

    • Correlation of skills in the Student Book to the New York Learning Standards and Core Curriculum

    • Reproducible skill charts for identifying student strengths and weaknesses from both pretest and posttest

    • Easy-to-follow suggestions for integrating Review, Practice, & Mastery into your classroom

The Student Books can be used as

    • a review before taking the New York State math test

    • a take-home study

    • an after school program

    • a summer school program

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This program is SOLD ONLY TO educators and sent to school or district addresses only.