AP® European History Review: Key Concepts & Dates

Do you need some ideas or extra support helping students review for the AP® European History Exam? Join me as I share my content review resources and explain strategies that I've used successfully with my students to prepare for the exam.


This session focuses on content review strategies and the importance of key dates in European history. Included are review packets correlated to the historical developments within the Course and Exam Description and a key date quiz (with answer key) that I use with my own students. Watch the video to learn more about how to use these resources effectively.



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Image: AP European History cousebook. Text: Available ebook and print

Lou Gallo is a College Board AP® European History and United States History consultant who leads summer institutes nationally. He currently teaches both courses at West High School in Knoxville, Tennessee, and also teaches AP® European History online at Dwight Global, based in New York City. He has also served in a leadership role at the AP® European History reading since 2000 and is a Senior Reviewer of the AP® European History coursebook by AMSCO®.



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