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College Board™ Advanced Placement® Updates

Advanced Placement® 2019 CED Correlations

The College Board released the 2019 Course Exam Descriptions in late-May. Staff at Perfection Learning have been working to correlate all our AP® Social Studies editions by AMSCO® to the corresponding 2019 CEDs. These correlations will match up the Topics to the corresponding text pages making lesson planning less complicated for educators. As soon as the correlations are completed for each book, they are uploaded to the “Program Details” section of the product pages on our website. In addition, the new 2019 correlations will appear in the corresponding Answer Keys for each of our AP® titles: AP® United States History, AP® World History: Modern, AP® United States Government & Politics, AP® Human Geography, AP® European History, and AP® Psychology.

Advanced Placement® United States History

Perfection Learning's 2020 edition of Advanced Placement® United States History includes regular features that ensure students have multiple opportunities for collaboration, critical analysis, and authentic practice PLUS content has been updated with events since 2016 the "Culture and Society" theme will be divided into two themes: "American and Regional Culture" and "Social Structures," and will include even more short-answer questions that use secondary sources. The 2020 edition of AP® United States History is currently available for immediate shipping.

Advanced Placement® Human Geography

Perfection Learning's 2020 edition of Advanced Placement® Human Geography helps prepare students for success in the course and on the exam. Along with all the regular features and authentic practice you’ve come to expect in your AMSCO® texts, the 2020 edition also includes authentic practice with paired-source questions and seven-task free-response questions matching a change to the exam. The 2020 edition of AP® Human Geography is currently available for immediate shipping.

Advanced Placement® is a trademark registered and/or owned by the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, these products.