Projects in Professional Communication covers

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Digital Resources

CHAPTER 1: Professional Communications in a Digital Age

CHAPTER 2: History and Evolution of Communications Careers

CHAPTER 3: The Communications Industry Today

CHAPTER 4: The Fundamentals of Professional Communication

CHAPTER 5: Oral Language

CHAPTER 6: Nonverbal Communication

CHAPTER 7: Listening

CHAPTER 8: Effective Interpersonal Communication Strategies

CHAPTER 9: Interpersonal Listening

CHAPTER 10: Solving Problems and Managing Conflict

CHAPTER 11: Interviews

CHAPTER 12: The Power of Groups

CHAPTER 13: Group Dynamics and Roles

CHAPTER 14: Group Discussions

CHAPTER 15: Types of Presentations

CHAPTER 16: Researching Your Subject

CHAPTER 17: Organizing Your Presentation

CHAPTER 18: Preparing Supporting Materials for Oral Presentations

CHAPTER 19: Oral Presentations

CHAPTER 20: Written Presentations

CHAPTER 21: Digital Presentations