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High School | Grades 9–12

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  • Connections: English Language Arts

    Connections: English Language Arts titles available in print, eBook, and interactive editions.

    Critical Reading, Writing, and Analysis

    Develop successful critical readers and writers by delving into high-quality, engaging literature using the tools of close reading; deepen understanding through analysis, collaborative discussions, and writing; and support all learners through assistive technologies.

  • Connections: Literature

    Connections: Literature titles are available in print, eBook, and interactive editions.

    The Literature You Love

    Engage students in a rich set of texts, both classic and contemporary, as you probe relevant issues, generate lively discussion, and develop critical reading and writing skills.

  • Vocabu-Lit Building Vocabulary Through Reading

    Vocabu-Lit titles are available in both print, eBook, and interactive editions.

    Word Study in Context

    Equip students to use multiple research-based strategies to unlock the meaning of words in context.

  • English Language Arts Companion

    Skills Development

    Close the gaps to ELA success with systematic standards-based instruction, practice, and assessment.