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Middle School | Grades 6–8

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  • Connections English Language Arts

    Connections: English Language Arts titles available in print, eBook, and interactive editions.

    Critical Reading, Writing, and Analysis

    Provide the foundation for success through a unique approach to critical reading, writing, language, and communications through high-quality engaging texts.

  • Connections Literature

    Connections English Language Arts titles are available in print, eBook, and interactive editions.

    The Literature You Love

    Engage students in a rich set of texts, both classic and contemporary, as you probe relevant issues, generate lively discussion, and develop critical reading and writing skills.

  • Vocabu-Lit Building Vocabulary Through Reading

    Vocabu-Lit titles are available in both print, eBook, and interactive editions.

    Word Study in Context

    Encourage self-directed learning by equipping students with multiple research-based strategies to unlock the meaning of words in context. By using authentic literature from a variety of genres, students see how to apply word study strategies to all their reading.

  • English Language Arts Companion

    Titles from the Essential Voices collection include Where the Heart Is, Jacqueline Wooson, and For Black Girls Like Me.

    Skills Development

    Close the gaps to ELA success with standards-based instruction, practice, and assessment designed to build students' mastery in English Language Arts.