From the Perfection Next Dashboard, easily access class data and insights to help you manage and inform instruction. Available with interactive editions.

Reporting That Informs Instruction

Report Detail

Educators can easily access the reports from this dashboard by selecting a section and filtering by class, group, or student.

Reports include:

  • Proficiency
  • Assignments
  • Participation
  • Item Analysis
  • Student Usage

Class Proficiency Reports

View class proficiency reports to show standards proficiency. Color coding helps teachers visually scan for proficiency levels achieved and use information for small group intervention.

Assignment Reports

Teachers can view student performance on each part of an assignment or the assignment as a whole.

Participation Reports

Participation reports helps teachers see, at-a-glance, the number of completed, not started, and in progress assignments for the class. Teachers receive notifications when assignments are ready for grading.

Item Analysis Reports

Item Analysis Reports provide teachers with detailed insights into individual answers within assignments and by student.

Usage Reports

Usage reports show educators how engaged students are in the online lessons and with the content assigned.