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Product # 6071601
ISBN: 9780756999803
Number of Titles: 6

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Includes 1 copy of each student book and FREE digital resources. Cover-to-Cover Chapter 2 Books are written and designed to be accessible to students reading at least two years below grade level. Appealing topics, a novel-like format, and easy readability capture and hold the imagination and interest of upper-elementary students.

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More Information
Product # 6071601
ISBN-13 9780756999803
ISBN-10 0756999804
Grade Level 1-4
Publisher Perfection Learning
Series Cover-to-Cover Chapter Books
BOM Count 6

This collection includes the following:

  • Flames of Fear: The Great Chicago Fire of 1871
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  • Horror from the Sky: The 1924 Lorain, Ohio, Tornado
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  • Panic in the Snow: The 1888 New York City Blizzard
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  • Terror in the City: The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
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  • Tragedy from the Sea: The Galveston Hurricane of 1900
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  • Valley of Disaster: The Johnstown Floodof 1889
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