Measuring Up ELA / Math

Measuring Up to the English Language Arts & Mathematics Standards

Grades 3–8

Measuring Up offers standards-based instruction to meet student needs.

  • Supplement your curriculum.
  • Intervention, before- or after-school programs, and summer school.
  • Progress monitoring or benchmarking.


Standards-driven achievement

  • Introduce concepts by connecting what students will learn to what they may already know and to real-world examples.
  • Provide key academic vocabulary in context.
  • Scaffold learning with guided instruction, questions, hints, and checklists at point of learning.
  • Apply learning independently with questions that prepare students for high-stakes assessments.
  • Measure mastery with Exit Tickets.
  • Motivate students to master the standards with checkpoints, hints, Turn and Talk, Think About it, and other prompts.

The robust Teacher’s Edition offers:

  • Instruction to incorporate the real-world lesson goal.
  • Differentiation for struggling, advanced, and English language learners.
  • Scoring rubrics, checklists, and graphic organizers.
Photo of teacher with students in classroomPhoto of teacher with students in classroom
Cover of Measuring Up English Language Arts Level ECover of Measuring Up English Language Arts Level E

English Language Arts

Grades 3–8

Standards-based literacy instruction features:

  • Foundational and word knowledge skills to academic vocabulary building.
  • Language conventions and writing composition.
  • Informational text and literature of varying text types, genre, and complexity.
  • Integration of knowledge and ideas.
  • Building knowledge drawing upon previously read or known information.

Lesson Samples

Cover of Measuring Up Mathematics Level ECover of Measuring Up Mathematics Level E


Grades 3–8

Lessons lead to mastery of mathematical concepts with:

  • Broad written and verbal interactions.
  • Connections between and among concepts.
  • Multi-step complex problem solving.
  • Procedural skills and fluency.
  • Integrated mathematical practices.
  • Various problem-solving solutions.

Lesson Samples

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