Writing Companion

Writing Companion

Grades 3–12

Build competence and confidence through concise, focused minilessons!

Each chapter features step-by-step instruction for a commonly tested writing genre such as a research report, narrative, opinion/argumentative, informative/explanatory, and literary analysis. Starting with a source text, students focus on the key elements that distinguish good writing for the genre.

  • Scaffolded tasks help students break down each element into manageable chunks.
  • Each task builds upon the last, leading to a finished product.
  • You Try It writing performance tasks provide test practice and additional feedback opportunity.

Student models, differentiated instruction, and group/partner activities all help strengthen writing skills and understanding. Students also practice their editing skills on common language and style issues.

Titles in This Program



  • Writing Companion - Grade 3
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  • Writing Companion - Grade 4
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  • Writing Companion - Grade 5
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  • Writing Companion - Grade 6
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  • Writing Companion - Grade 7
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  • Writing Companion - Grade 8
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  • Writing Companion - High School Level A (Grades 9-10)
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  • Writing Companion - High School Level B (Grades 11-12)
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Program Features & Resources


Prepare Students for State Assessments

  • Students identify and cite textual evidence.
  • Authentic source texts provide assessment simulation.
  • Student models demonstrate steps within the writing process.
  • Rubrics and checklists for each type of writing.

Step-by-Step Lesson Structure

  • 4 to 7 lessons for each writing type.
  • Each lesson focuses on a key standards-based skill or concept.
  • Multiple activities per lesson enable students to improve their writing skills in small, manageable segments.

Prepare Students for Writing Performance Tasks

  • Activities are tied to source texts—annotating, analyzing, citing.
  • Lessons build to "You Try It"—a model writing performance task.
  • Student models illustrate standards-based quality expectations.

Support for Struggling Writers & ELLs

  • The Gradual Release Model progresses from scaffolded instruction to independent writing performance tasks.
  • The step-by-step lesson progression builds competence and confidence.
  • Small group and partner activities are provided throughout the lessons.
  • Differentiated lesson plans for struggling and advanced writers.
Teacher Materials

Lesson Planning & Instructional Support

  • Deliver instruction through interactive whiteboard minilessons.
  • Engage students in active discourse through whole class, small group, and partner activities.
  • Support struggling writers through scaffolded instruction, reproducible activities, and gradually releasing students to independent writing tasks.
  • Provide differentiation for ELLs, struggling, and advanced writers.
  • Plan and manage instruction through lesson plans and pacing guides.
  • Aid student understanding with reproducible student models, checklists and rubrics.
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