Perfection Leveled Classics

Perfection Leveled Classics

Grades 6–12

Adapted classics and cultural tales

Provide collections of accessible, leveled literature to striving readers.

Enhance accessibility, engage students, and develop reading skills with this digital collection of over 60 adapted classics and cultural tales. Instructional support includes quizzes, comprehension activities, reading and writing skill development, vocabulary, study skills, and more. Includes online and offline access. All titles are also available in print.

  • Retold novels and anthologies are authentic adaptations of many widely-taught works that maintain the voice, style, and meaning of the original text.
  • ** Timeless Classics **are abridged adaptations of classic works featuring short selections, carefully-chosen vocabulary, and appealing visuals to aid comprehension. An original play in each anthology builds oral fluency.

Program Features & Resources

Retold Novels & Anthologies

Reading Level 5–6 | Lexile Level 570–910

29 titles

Classics Anthologies

  • American Classics Nonfiction
  • American Classics, Volume 1
  • American Classics, Volume 2
  • American Classics, Volume 3
  • American Hauntings
  • British Classics
  • Classic Chillers
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • Jack London
  • Mark Twain
  • O. Henry
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • World Classics

Classic Myths & Folktales

  • African American Folktales
  • African Myths
  • Asian Myths
  • Classic Myths, Volume 1
  • Classic Myths, Volume 2
  • Classic Myths, Volume 3
  • Mexican American Folktales
  • Native American Myths
  • Northern European Myths
  • World Myths

Classic Novels

  • Frankenstein
  • Huckleberry Finn
  • The Red Badge of Courage
  • The Scarlet Letter
  • A Tale of Two Cities
  • Treasure Island

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Timeless Classics

Reading Level 1–4 | Lexile Level 400–640

40 titles

Author/Short Story Collections

  • Tales of Charles Dickens
  • Tales of Detectives
  • Tales of Edgar Allan Poe
  • Tales of Fate
  • Tales of Jack London
  • Tales of Louisa May Alcott
  • Tales of Mark Twain
  • Tales of O. Henry
  • Tales of Rudyard Kipling
  • Tales of Sherlock Holmes
  • Tales of Washington Irving
  • Tales of William Shakespeare • Tales of William Shakespeare: The Comedies

Cultural & Historial Tales

  • Tales of Africa
  • Tales of Africa II
  • Tales of American Folklore
  • Tales of American Indians
  • Tales of Ancient Civilizations
  • Tales of China
  • Tales of Greek Mythology
  • Tales of Greek Mythology II
  • Tales of Latin America
  • Tales of Northern Europe
  • Tales of Southeast Asia
  • Tales of the American Revolution
  • Tales of the Civil War
  • Tales of the Old West
  • Tales of the Seven Wonders

Fables, Folktales & Legends

  • Tales of Aesop
  • Tales of Animals
  • Tales of Beauty
  • Tales of Brothers Grimm
  • Tales of Courage
  • Tales of Enchantment
  • Tales of Fright
  • Tales of Heroes
  • Tales of Honor
  • Tales of Mystery
  • Tales of Silliness
  • Tales of Yore

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Teacher Materials

FREE Digital Teacher Resources

Retold Novels & Anthologies

Comprehensive title-specific Teacher Resources include over 30 reproducible activities to develop skills in reading, writing, vocabulary, and literacy.

Timeless Classics

Title-specific Teacher Resources feature practice and assessment opportunities in the areas of

  • word attack skills
  • comprehension skills
  • study skills
  • writing and creativity
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Sample Pages

Retold Novels & Anthologies

Classic Myths, Volume 1
Student Book | Teacher Resource

Edgar Allan Poe
Student Book | Teacher Resource

A Tale of Two Cities
Student Book | Teacher Resource

Timeless Classics

Tales of Mark Twain
Student Book | Teacher Resource