Drama Anthologies

Drama Anthologies

Grades 6–12

Plays for the drama or social studies classroom

Original, royalty-free plays!

Stages of History focuses on eight defining moments in American history, all featuring adolescent protagonists—the Revolutionary War, the Underground Railroad, homesteading, the Gold Rush, and more.

Nine Muses: Modern Plays From Classic Myths features mystery, intrigue, tragedy, humor, and romance as each of the nine plays is narrated by a muse providing her own unique, and sometimes offbeat, perspective on a classic myth. Includes Creating Context—a superb introduction to mythology, including the source of myths, the world of classic mythology, and the gods/goddesses at a glance.

Teacher Guides provide support for literary and dramatic studies of the plays.

Titles in This Program



  • Stages of History: Plays About America's Past
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  • Nine Muses: Modern Plays from Classic Myths
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