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AMSCO® has been partnering with districts for over 85 years to offer materials at the right level of subject depth, instruction, and practice.

AP® coursebooks by AMSCO are used in over 1/3 of all U.S. high schools offering AP courses.


Image of a United States Shape with words AMSCO has served over 2 million studentsImage of a United States Shape with words AMSCO has served over 2 million students

Advanced Placement Social Studies Editions from AMSCO

“Because the content in the AMSCO books is more accessible, concise, and focused just on what they need to know, students are actually reading the text. As a result, I’ve seen test scores go up.”

Mark G.
Social Studies Department Chair, AP U.S. History, AP World History: Modern, and AP Psychology Teacher
Bradenton, Florida

“AMSCO has been a godsend to my students. It has made difficult information to learn much more accessible and students were able to gain college credit at a high rate. I absolutely recommend textbooks by AMSCO as a valuable tool in the AP classroom.”

Paula W.
CCSD/Advanced Technologies Academy
Las Vegas, Nevada

“In my role as the high schools’ Gifted Education Facilitator for Effingham County School District (GA), I purchase supplementary resources for courses serving our gifted and high achieving high school students. I’m always interested in materials that will truly help prepare these students for success on the Advanced Placement exams they take in May. The AMSCO AP U.S. History text is highly respected and utilized at both high schools as a supplementary text. Several teachers previewed the recently released AMSCO AP Human Geography and AMSCO AP Psychology texts, and they were very impressed with the organization and content. While our end of the year budget only allowed us to purchase a class set of one title for each school, I’ve already been asked to obtain more copies next year.”

High School Gifted Program Facilitator
Effingham County Schools
Guyton, Georgia

AP U.S. Government & Politics

“This book packs all of the knowledge and rigor necessary for my students to excel on their AP Exam each year in a more digestible format for high school students. We saw large increases to pass rates after switching to the AMSCO AP United States Government book by Wolfford.”

AP U.S. Government & Politics Teacher
Social Studies Department Chair
Forest High School, Ocala, Florida

“Using AMSCO’s textbook for AP United States Government & Politics, my students’ scores went up dramatically. I would definitely recommend this textbook!”

Teacher & Social Studies Department Chair
Woodland USD

“The AP U.S. Government and Politics AMSCO text is perfect for today’s students. Each topic is aligned with the CED and the information is succinct. The writing is clear and concise and the format is consistent throughout so students are able to develop study habits while managing their other classes and activities. I highly recommend this text as a way for students to connect to the content and gain an understanding of U.S. Government and Politics as it relates to their lives...”

Alyssa M.
Social Studies Teacher
Madisonville, Kentucky

Laura T.
Social Studies Teacher
Raleigh, North Carolina

AP World History: Modern

“What impressed me the most about the preparation manual for AP World History from AMSCO (Perfection Learning) was its attention to the format of the AP exam. Other guides hit the topics in the College Board provided curriculum framework well but what sets this book apart is how those topics are directed at the skills necessary to succeed on the AP exam. This moves beyond the assessments which are similar in difficulty and style to the items on released tests. This prep manual builds on this critical feature by employing the skills necessary for the exam within the passages to show students how historical arguments are made using various types of evidence.”

Social Studies Instructional Coach
Houston, Texas

AP United States History

“I find the AMSCO text to be an invaluable APSI and classroom resource, primarily because of its easy-to-use layout and organization, alignment with the revised AP U.S. History curriculum, and practice test items including numerous free-response questions. The Think as a Historian and Historical Perspectives features are added bonuses that encourage students to think about how historical thinking skills and the perspectives of historians are embedded into the course. I highly recommend this preparation guide as an accessible tool for students and teachers alike to supplement college-level texts in the AP U.S. History classroom.”

Rockdale County High School
Conyers, Georgia

“I’ve used the “AMSCO” book in AP U.S. History for over a decade. It is consistently a student favorite for its ease of use and straightforward style. It is evident that the book is written by classroom teachers which makes it particularly practical and useful for relevant review. The book’s recent updates to keep current with the changes in the AP U.S. History curriculum have been uniquely helpful and timely during this transition period.”

Social Studies Department Chair
Lincoln Northeast High School
Lincoln, Nebraska

“We have been using AMSCO for years as a supplement to our textbook. Students often comment on how helpful AMSCO is in helping them to understand the key information in each historical period. AMSCO had the new redesign material ready when College Board transitioned to the new format, and it was instrumental in helping our students prepare for the AP exam.”

AP U.S. History Teacher
Orlando, Florida

“AMSCO’s Advanced Placement United States History is a great complement to the AP U.S. History curriculum. I use it exclusively in the classroom and my students really like the format. The focus on historical thinking skills has been especially helpful in teaching essay writing, and my students' writing has improved.”

AP U.S. History & AP European History Teacher
Orlando, Florida

“In my 30 years teaching AP U.S. History, I’ve seen dozens of review books come and go. The best, and the one I always recommend to teachers, is the AMSCO Advanced Placement U.S. History text. It is concise, accurate, attuned to the course framework, well organized, student-friendly, and just what a review text should be.”

Alexandria, Virginia

“The AMSCO text as a review book for AP U.S. History is the only one that I recommend to my students. After comparing the sample questions from many review books, the AMSCO questions are the closest to those that students will encounter on the test. Thanks Perfection Learning!”

Amy C.
AP U.S. History Teacher
Clark County School District
Las Vegas, Nevada

John R.
Social Studies Department Chair

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