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Kinetic Math and Physics Support




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Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Questions

Why haven’t I received my set up email?

Where can I find Getting Started Guides for teachers and students?

Why is my credit card charged but my order never went through?

How can I find information about my order history?

Can I purchase a printed textbook without buying a digital program?

Can I convert a 1 year license to a 6 year license?

Does Perfection Learning provide bookstore discounts?


What technologies do the Textbook and Virtual labs use?

Where can I find a link to the product installer?

Can I install the products on the school server?

Can I use the product with an LMS (Learning Management System)?

Why do I need to download an installer if my program is web access?

Can I reinstall the product after a reformat of the same hard drive?

How is the product updated?

Will your products run on iPad?

Where is the PDF to my program?

Can I print out the PDF and give it to my students?

Kinetic Science Products

What math knowledge is needed for each level of physics?

Do I need to use a physics textbook with Virtual Physics Labs?

Do the physics products have teacher resources?

Are there worked out solutions for the end of chapter problems?

Have the physics products been College Board aligned?

How many end of chapter problems are included in each title?

Kinetic Math Products

Are your math programs considered core curriculum or supplemental?

What is the difference between the student and teacher’s edition?

We are currently using version 1.3 of Kinetic Math. Can I mix the usage of version 1.3 and 2.0 products in my classroom?

How do you enter exponents and the multiplication sign?

Why are mathematical symbols such as “closed integral” and “dot product” displaying incorrectly?

Why are there answers for only every other problem at the end of each unit?

Why do the standardized test answers not appear?

When do my grades appear in the grade book?

What are the features of online homework accounts?

What are the differences between physics and algebra homework?