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38 Basic Speech Experiences

Grades 9–12

Project-based public speaking

Students are up on their feet speaking from the first to the last chapter. Each chapter is structured around a speaking project that students prepare and present.


  • A beginning unit with the basics of building, delivering, and evaluating a speech
  • Projects cover the most common types of public speaking experiences
    • informative
    • persuasive
    • demonstration
    • entertaining
    • impromptu
    • business and career
    • special occasions
    • contest
    • mass media
    • and more
  • A streamlined lesson structure based on the Preparing, Organizing, Presenting, and Evaluating principle. Clear expectations, specific guidelines, and models build students' confidence and ensure success.
  • Talking Points focus on special elements of public speaking such as stage fright, visual aids, technology skills, listening skills, and persuasive techniques

Teacher Resource

  • chapter notes
  • quizzes and answer keys
  • peer evaluation forms
  • a bibliography
  • reproducible activities
  • teaching suggestions


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  1. 38 Basic Speech Experiences, 11th Edition

    38 Basic Speech Experiences, 11th Edition

    Student Edition Hardcover


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  2. 38 Basic Speech Experiences, 11th Edition

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