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Perfection Learning® Spelling with Integrated Language Arts

Grades 1-6
Student Books

Student Books develop spelling skills through four primary strategies of instruction: visual memory, phonics, word structure, and analogy.

Research-based word lists are grouped to reflect common and consistent spelling patterns based on sound-letter relationships, word structures, and content area. Research has shown that students who are taught to recognize spelling generalizations among words show more spelling success.

  • clear and consistent instructional design
  • activities integrate spelling practice with standards-based skills for reading and language arts
  • research-based spelling lists reflect the words most commonly found in students' reading and writing
  • differentiated word lists for students of all abilities
  • review units apply learning and assess learning transfer
  • integrated handwriting support (grades 1–3)
  • a Spelling Dictionary at each level provides grade-appropriate dictionary reference for all spelling words with plenty of visual support
  • a Writer's Guide in each Student Book provides support for unit language arts activities, all within a quick-reference handbook design. Sections include spelling rules, grammar and usage terms and examples, and support for all writing assignments with key terms and grade-appropriate examples.
  • a Spelling Thesaurus builds vocabulary skills

Day 1

Introduce the spelling concept with activities from the Teacher Edition, read and discuss the unit words, and remember the concept using "Remember This."
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Day 2

Practice the spelling words using the spelling concept.
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Day 3

Integrate the spelling words with a variety of language, reading, and writing activities. Addresses state standards.
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Day 4

Apply the spelling concept independently to the differentiated word lists.
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Day 5

Assess spelling ability, enrich with activities for both classroom and home, and reteach students needing extra assistance.
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