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Teach Tier 2 academic vocabulary through selections from grade-level appropriate fiction and informational text commonly read in the classroom

Powerful features have made this your favorite vocabulary program.

  • both master words and the instructional approach are grounded in scientific studies of the most effective word study strategies
  • word lists are introduced through excerpts from high-quality texts including contemporary and classic fiction and nonfiction
  • 330 targeted words in each student edition provide your students the academic vocabulary required by state standards
  • encourages close reading of complex texts
  • students relate new words to their prior knowledge and experiences
  • six activities for each targeted word provide multiple exposures to deepen learning
  • applies new vocabulary knowledge to writing

Step 1: Ten targeted words are introduced in the context of an excerpt from a fiction or nonfiction book, short story, essay, or poem. Students practice

  • using prior knowledge
  • determining meaning from context

Step 2: Students complete several exercises that teach strategies and reinforce word meanings. Activities include

  • finding correct dictionary definitions
  • inferring meaning
  • recognizing word associations and relationships
  • using targeted words in new contexts
  • word play

Step 3: Chapter tests and unit reviews monitor student progress. Literature-based vocabulary program

Teacher Editions

Includes a reproduction of the student edition with answers, a master word dictionary, and lesson tests.

Test Booklets

Unit tests, review tests, and answer keys (grades 5 to 8).