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Customized Literature

Greek Literature

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  1. Antigone - Tale Blazers

    Antigone - Tale Blazers


    Sophocles [RL 10 IL 10-12] A clash between a king and his stubborn niece brings final ruin to the House of Oedipus. Themes: conflict of values; courage of conviction. 80 pages. Tale Blazers. Learn More

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  2. Apology - Tale Blazers

    Apology - Tale Blazers

    Perfection Learning Editors


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  3. Crito - Tale Blazers

    Crito - Tale Blazers


    Plato. Condemned to die, Socrates is visited in prison by his old friend, Crito. Crito begs Socrates to allow friends to arrange for his escape, but the philosopher has no fear of death and convinces Crito that it is better to die than to commit an act that is morally wrong. 48 pages. Tale Blazers. Learn More

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