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Literature & Thought

Grades 6–12

Teach students to be critical thinkers through a unique questioning strategy supporting close reading of complex texts

The unique design of Literature & Thought provides the thematic literature and teaching support you need to meet the challenges of state standards.

  • informational text
  • close reading strategies
  • writing to sources
  • critical thinking
  • appropriate text complexity
  • text dependent questions and tasks

Choose from 25 titles in historical events and eras, literary themes, literary genres, government and current events.

Student Editions

  • Creating context —an introductory essay, graphics, and concept vocabulary support the essential question.
  • Essential questions (whole book) and cluster questions (units) focus on developing specific critical thinking skills through careful reading, textual analysis, discussion, and writing activities.
  • Outstanding literature and content-rich nonfiction and informational texts engage interest and focus attention on the critical thinking questions.
  • Responding to cluster activities —textual analysis, writing, and discussion activities follow each cluster. The final cluster focuses on synthesizing information to answer the essential question.

Close Reading Skills Handbook —detailed guidance to help students turn standards into actionable skills practice.

  • Close Reading guidelines for a careful interpretation of the text
    • specific to the type of text being read—informational, argumentative, narrative, or poetry
    • students are prompted with detailed “questions to ask” and “where to look for answers” for a guided first read and focused re-reading
  • Textual Evidence —guidelines show students how to work textual evidence into a written literary analysis or informational report.
  • Comparing Texts —focus points and questions for comparing and contrasting different texts with an emphasis on strategies if text types or medium differ.

Teaching Support

Professional learning —interactive live webinar with experts from the Great Books Foundation focusing on close reading of literary texts and strategic reading of informational texts with each Teacher Package.

Expanded Teacher Guides —informational text strategies, citing evidence to support analyses and claims, practice with academic vocabulary, specific support for standards in each selection (including detailed standards correlations), and multiple assessment options.

Interactive whiteboard lessons —explicit modeling and instruction of critical thinking and reading skills, writing rubrics, and much more.

Great Books Discussion Guides for Teachers —specific questioning strategies developed by the Great Books Foundation supporting close text reading and discussion. Available for 20 titles.