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Retold Program

Grades 6–12

Adapted cultural tales and classic literature that align with your curriculum

Designed for secondary students who read below grade level, Retold novels and anthologies align with the works most often taught in language arts classes. 80–280 pages


  • The content aligns with commonly taught American, British, and world literature.
  • The authentic adaptations maintain the voice, style, and overall meaning of the original text.
  • The adapted sentences and paragraph length plus the use of footnotes and prereading vocabulary words make classic literature accessible to struggling readers.
  • The myth and folktale anthologies provide information about the cultural group represented in each selection.

Teacher Resources

Reproducible activities develop your students' reading, writing, vocabulary, and literacy skills. Approximately 30 to 70 activities per Teacher Resource.

"I am extremely pleased with your Retold Classic Novels and your Parallel Text for Shakespeare. These materials allow the students to interact with stories they would have had difficulty with."

High School Department Liaison, Sparta High School, Sparta, New Jersey

"The Retold Classics, Myths, etc. have been favorites especially with my reluctant readers."

Middle School Teacher, Panama City, Florida

  • Classics Anthologies

    Classics Anthologies

    Short stories adapted for students reading below grade level.
  • Classic Novels

    Classic Novels

    Adaptations of six classic novels commonly taught in the secondary classroom.