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Skill-Based Reading Anthologies

Grades 5-12 | Reading Level 2-7

Practice of critical reading and thinking skills for below-grade-level readers

These content-area workbooks with high-interest, accessible selections offer reinforcement and practice of essential reading skills. The reading levels range in difficulty so you can match lessons to your students' instructional reading levels.


  • Teaches both narrative and informational standards-based reading skills.
  • Skill activities following every section and unit reinforce the same set of essential reading skills and strategies
    • identifying main idea and supporting detail
    • making generalizations
    • determining cause and effect
    • drawing conclusions
    • recognizing inferences
    • using context clues
  • Many titles blend with the social studies and literature curricula so reading practice is relevant and meaningful.
  • All of the high-interest selections and over 70 percent of the history selections are nonfiction and teach informational reading skills.

Preparation for state and national tests

  • The open-ended and multiple-choice questions match the format of state and standardized tests.
  • Graphic organizers and writing prompts ask students to compare and draw conclusions from several selections.
  • National and state language arts standards are reflected in the skill activities at the end of each selection and unit.
  • End-of-unit test items match the format of most state and standardized tests.

Teacher Guides

  • guided reading lesson plan for each selection
    • frontloads vocabulary
    • offers critical thinking questions with strategies identified
    • provides literacy focus with related literary skill
  • overview of reading strategies
  • answers for all student activities