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Skill-Based Reading Anthologies

Grades 5-12 | Reading Level 2-7
Table of Contents

Each book is divided into thematic units that help students focus their reading and thinking.


Adventures in the New World: America's Early Days

  • Unit One: Explorers to the New World
  • Unit Two: Pirates and Privateers
  • Unit Three: Early Settlers

The American Revolution: People and Events That Helped Shape the New Country

  • Unit One: Making History
  • Unit Two: Rebels with a Cause
  • Unit Three: Of Machines and Men

The Second World War: Remembering the Costliest War in History

  • Unit One: Battling the Enemy
  • Unit Two: Making Weighty Decisions
  • Unit Three: Identifying the Faces of War

Settling the West: Adventures in Pioneering and Westward Expansion

  • Unit One: Unsung Heroes of the West
  • Unit Two: The Wild and Crazy West
  • Unit Three: Stories of the West

A Very Uncivil War: Famous People and Events in the War Between the States

  • Unit One: Helping Those in Need
  • Unit Two: Risking It All for Freedom
  • Unit Three: In the Heat of Battle

Worlds of Yesterday: Life in Ancient Civilizations

  • Unit One: Ancient Ways of Life
  • Unit Two: Ancient Disasters
  • Unit Three: Ancient Wonders


In the Time of Gods & Heroes: Tales from Ancient Mythology

  • Unit One: Choice and Consequence
  • Unit Two: The Stuff of Heroes
  • Unit Three: In the Name of Love

Nightmares and Cold Sweats: Chilling Tales from Literature and Legend

  • Unit One: Ghosts Among the Living
  • Unit Two: The Dark Side of Human Nature
  • Unit Three: A Surplus of Horror

Spanning Miles of Time and Centuries of Ocean: Classic Stories from World Literature

  • Unit One: With Life Comes Lessons
  • Unit Two: Of Mind and Spirit
  • Unit Three: And Justice for All

Stories Draped in Stars & Stripes: Classic Stories from American Literature

  • Unit One: Decisions and Consequences
  • Unit Two: Reacting to Society's Roles
  • Unit Three: A Matter of Life and Death

High-Interest Information

The Big Leagues: Giants in the Sports Arena

  • Unit One: Record Breakers
  • Unit Two: Breaking Barriers
  • Unit Three: Teamwork

Can You Believe This? Unbelievable Truths That Are Stranger Than Fiction

  • Unit One: Straight Out of Sci-Fi
  • Unit Two: Secrets of the Past
  • Unit Three: Freaks of Nature

Crime and Punishment: Famous Crimes and Trials in Truth and Fiction

  • Unit One: Classic Criminal Capers
  • Unit Two: Society on Trial
  • Unit Three: Crimes of the Century

Facing Mother Nature's Wrath: Natural Disasters Throughout History

  • Unit One: Fire and Ice
  • Unit Two: Water, Water Everywhere
  • Unit Three: Earth and Sky

Over the Edge: Extreme Sports in a Modern World

  • Unit One: Ups and Downs
  • Unit Two: Sports With a Kick
  • Unit Three: Are You "Board?"

Sending Out an S.O.S. : Modern Disasters That Rocked the World

  • Unit One: Shortcomings of Progress
  • Unit Two: Rebellions Against Society
  • Unit Three: Signposts of America