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Studying Reading

Grades 3-8

Build essential reading skills and increase test scores

What does Studying Reading do?

This research-based series teaches the precise reading skills found on standardized tests

  • word meaning
  • constructing meaning
  • using word analysis
  • drawing conclusions
  • recognizing synonyms and antonyms
  • evaluating information
  • using context clues
  • identifying main ideas, character, and plot

The posttest for each lesson mirrors the format of items on the most widely given standardized tests.

How does Studying Reading involve students in active learning?

Each chapter follows a sequential series of tasks with immediate feedback so students can monitor their progress. Eight to 12 tasks in each lesson provide lots of practice.

How can Studying Reading be used?

The books work well for

  • test preparation
  • remediation
  • summer school programs
  • after-school programs
  • take-home workbooks
  • ESL learners
  • extra instruction and practice for skills taught in the reading basal

Since grade levels are not printed on the student editions, you can choose the levels most appropriate for your students.

Teacher Handbooks

Indispensable Teacher Handbooks completely and clearly explain the purpose, instructional design, and educational philosophy of the series. Lesson plans and test answers are also included.


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  1. Studying Reading - Book H (Grade 8)

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  2. Studying Reading - Book H (Grade 8)

    In Stock!

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