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AMSCO® Math—Geometry

Teacher Packages Details

Digital Teacher Edition

  • hundreds of videos, interactive whiteboards, simulations, and games
  • visual support while providing direct instruction
  • whole group instruction
  • assign activities to remedial or advanced groups
  • use videos with students that were absent to catch up on the instruction they missed
  • an effective, easy-to-use instructional tool for substitute teachers

Digital Lesson Plans

  • digital lesson plans align to each chapter in the print Student Edition
  • one-click access to digital presentation tools and the Assignment Generator

Instructional Whiteboards

Electronic whiteboards show each step of a problem in real time. Each time “Next” is selected, the subsequent step of the problem rolls out with narration. Replay steps as many times as necessary to ensure understanding.

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Instructional Videos

The instructional videos provide an additional layer of scaffolding. All are recorded by master teachers with years of experience in understanding the difficulties that students are likely to encounter. Explicit instruction provides background knowledge needed for success.

Interactive Activities

Build conceptual understanding and improve fluency by using a variety of engaging simulations, games, and digital tools.

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Interactive Quickchecks

Progress monitoring problems provide step-by-step scaffolding, ample help, and practice with computerized input and scoring. Perfect for both whole class and differentiated instruction.

  • math input keys resemble those on computerized assessments
  • step-by-step problem-solving support
  • immediate scaffolded feedback (hint, example, solution)

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Assignment Generator

Use pre-built assignments or create your own pencil/paper assignments, quizzes, and tests.

Assessment by Lesson—access pre-built assignments for each lesson in the print Student Edition. Edit to add or delete problems within the assignment or easily access question banks from other lessons to build cumulative reviews or exams.

Assessment by Standard—access standards-based question banks to build customized assignments for test preparation.

Lesson Planning

Print Teacher Manual—lesson plans help teachers create the perfect blend of print and digital materials.

Answer key for all practice items, chapter reviews, and cumulative reviews.

Enrichment Activities

  • provide opportunities for hands-on activities
  • challenge students to explore topics in greater depth
  • perfect for collaborative study
  • use an enrichment for advanced students, in centers, or as alternative assessment

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  1. Geometry


    Teacher Package

    Includes a print Teacher Manual and a 6-year license of the digital Teacher Edition. Sold only with classroom purchase of student editions. Learn More
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  2. Geometry


    Teacher Manual

    Build conceptual understanding and mathematical fluency through short, focused instruction; step-by-step model problems, and relevant, real-world problems. Extensive problem sets provide an abundance of fluency practice, contextual problems, and performance tasks. Mathematical practices are imbedded throughout in student-friendly language. A wealth of teacher tools including enrichment activities, simulations, videos, instructional whiteboards, and online practice and assessment. Learn More
    School PO Only

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