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Academic Language Notebooks: The Language of Math

Grades 3-5

Ensure English Language Learners' academic success with on-level math curriculum

Help ELLs at the intermediate and advanced levels of English language proficiency learn and practice essential mathematics language and standards-based concepts.

  • Teaches the essential academic language of the grades 3, 4, and 5 math curriculum.
  • Modularized and non-sequential—pinpoint lessons against specific performance gaps.
  • Designed for educators with varying levels of exposure to ELLs.
  • Builds ELL professional development into every lesson.
  • Correlated to the most commonly used math textbooks—easily supplement your existing curriculum.
  • Diagnostic tests for placement and summative assessment.

"What an incredible and much-needed resource for educators working with English language learners!"

Margo Gottlieb, Ph.D.
Director, Assessment & Evaluation,
Illinois Resource Center
Lead Developer, WIDA Consortium

WIDA Prime Correlation

Grade-Level Kit

Student Components

Student Worktext (6-Pack)

Thirty modules at each grade level build background knowledge, model correct academic language usage, and encourage language practice.

Teacher Components

Teacher/Tutor Resource Book (TTRB)

Designed for all ELL teachers, tutors, and aides—even those with little or no experience with these students. All lessons follow a simple, predictable format. Research-based ELL Best Practices are directly translated into teacher practice through suggested teacher talk, models for differentiated instruction, and assessment rubrics

Teacher Resource

  • diagnostic tests—two 100-question tests aid in evaluating students' understanding of math concepts for placement and summative assessment purposes
  • assessment management system
  • student worksheets
  • pdfs of teacher transparencies for whiteboard use
  • reproducible pdfs of Student Vocabulary Cards and assessment rubrics
  • textbook correlations and planning resources
  • correlation to state standards

Assessment Handbook

Instructions for using the assessment management system and reproducible copies of lesson-level assessment rubrics.

Vocabulary Cards

200 reproducible cards per grade level encourage meaningful, personalized learning. Space is provided for students to write in examples from their own math texts, make notes, create their own definitions, and draw.

Teacher Transparencies

Reproductions of important illustrations, charts, diagrams, and other teaching aids and activities from the Student Worktext and TTRB. There are two for every module in Academic Language Notebooks, 60 per grade level.

ELL Best Practices Audio

Portable professional development for teaching English Language Learners—takes research and turns it into actual techniques to use in your classroom.