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Passages Novels

By Anne Schraff | Reading 3-6 | Lexile Level 440-780 | Interest Level 6-12

Full-length novels by Anne Schraff for reluctant readers

This popular series has captivated reluctant readers for many years. Just like classics such as The Outsiders, the problems of the teenage protagonists in the Passages novels never go out of style. 90–130 pages


  • A variety of genres appeal to all interests—from historical fiction to contemporary and suspense novels.
  • The novels are easily finished by even the most reluctant reader.
  • Consistent chapter lengths and suspenseful chapter endings keep readers engaged.
  • Carefully-chosen vocabulary, concise wording, and natural-sounding dialogue ensure reading success and enjoyment.
  • Each novel includes SAT vocabulary words with practice exercises in the Student Workbooks.
  • Complex, fast-paced plots hold attention.
  • Multicultural characters and contemporary plots are relevant to today's young adult reader.
  • Historical novels focus on teenage protagonists involved in significant historical eras.
  • The satisfaction of finishing a book will build confidence, develop an interest in reading, and improve reading skills.

Skills Support

Student Workbooks for select titles boost your students'

  • comprehension skills
  • vocabulary skills
  • reading skills
  • thinking skills
  • word skills
  • writing skills

Approximately 30 to 40 activities per Workbook.

Teacher Guides

FREE access to title-specific teacher resources with Complete Set and Sampler purchases. Comprehensive Teacher Guides with skill support for all sets feature

  • plot summaries
  • discussion questions
  • extension and assessment activities
  • keys for workbook activities
  • comprehensive vocabulary lists