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Biology: Reviewing the Essentials

Grades 9-12

Review essential concepts and themes in biology

This concise text covers 43 individual topics in biology and is designed to serve as a review text, a source of questions for homework assignments, and as formative and summative assessment. 338 pages.


  • organized into short informative chapters, written in a simple narrative style
  • clear, carefully-crafted text facilitates understanding and maintains interest
  • line illustrations are integrated into the text; charts, graphs, and tables are included throughout
  • presentation of key words helps students organize and synthesize data
  • end-of-chapter, multiple-choice, matching, fill-in, essay, and portfolio questions test understanding and help students identify gaps in their knowledge as they prepare for exams

An Answer Key is available.


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  1. Biology: Reviewing the Essentials

    Biology: Reviewing the Essentials

    Dean Medley

    Student Edition

    Serves as an inexpensive basal text or as a review text in biology. Each of the 43 chapters covers a single topic in biological science. This book can be used by students for supplementary review or by teachers as a concise textbook for a high school biology course. Learn More

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  2. Biology: Reviewing the Essentials

    Biology: Reviewing the Essentials

    Answer Key (Digital Edition)


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