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Kinetic Physics

Reviews & Testimonials

From Teachers

"Personally, I don't think there is a better intro physics book available."

Instructor, Lexington, Kentucky

"I am very impressed with these physics books. They are very good. They fit today's student's well."

Instructor, Clyde Hill, Washington

"The Kinetic Books digital textbook is very comprehensive and covers all the topics of regular high school, AP and college calculus-based physics. It is extremely thorough and contains extensive links to all the physical phenomena. There are interactive problem solving strategies and examples. For the teachers it has all the necessary resources, individualized assessments and grading system. It is what I have expected of a useful CD textbook."

Instructor, Seattle, Washington

"I am particularly pleased at how interested the students get in the interactive problems. They don't treat them as video games; rather, they try very hard to solve the problems. Overall, my students enjoy this textbook far more than any other textbook I've used."

Adjunct Physics Instructor, Bellevue, Washington

"At least two students have told me how helpful the text has been. I have NEVER heard that before."

Instructor, Seattle, Washington

"The ample supply of detailed examples, interactives and audio-visual supplements should certainly help all students, especially those that struggle."

Professor, Pennsylvania

"The simulations compare favorably to many of the activities I've seen such as those developed around Physlets. I think their greatest feature is their direct integration with the text, both in terms of material and in terms of presentation."

Professor, Pennsylvania

From Students

"Returning to using the school's traditional, printed textbook after using the Kinetic Books electronic textbook was a harrowing experience, much like returning to school after a three-month vacation. Beyond making physics enjoyable, the digital textbook made concepts a great deal simpler to understand without forfeiting meaning. My printed textbook, on the other hand, makes me feel like an ESL student in his first day of class."

Seattle, Washington

"I just wanted to let you know that this is the most amazing program I have ever used. I am gaining such a great understanding of physics from using it."

Watertown, Wisconsin

"In a normal textbook we wouldn't have been able to have the whiteboards or the simulations. The whiteboards make it so that people who can't learn just by reading text (like me) are also "spoken" to. It was almost like having a mini-teacher online. The simulations, especially, were very, very helpful since they demonstrated the concepts in a way that neither a teacher nor a normal textbook would have been able to."

Watertown, Wisconsin

"The textbook was very clear and easy to understand. The whiteboards were particularly helpful for understanding concepts and the simulations were a helpful visual way to reinforce concepts. It's really effective."

Seattle, Washington

"It is excellent. I have been up all night studying with it (it's 5:30am) and I think that I understand everything I learned this semester about 50% more than I did 24 hours ago. I am now confident I will ace that final."

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma