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Drama for Reading & Performance

Grades 6–12

Exciting plays by distinguished playwrights will revive your language arts or drama curriculum

Drama adds interest and variety to your curriculum, develops speaking and listening skills, and builds students' confidence as they read or perform.

Collection One, 350 pages.

Collection Two, 480 pages.


  • Each anthology features contemporary one-, two-, and three-act plays by distinguished playwrights and authors
  • A unique two-path approach lets you use the plays for literary analysis or classroom performance.

Students will learn about

  • The Components of a Literary Analysis
    • characterization
    • motivation
    • foreshadowing
    • irony
    • symbolism
    • plot
    • theme
    • and more!
  • The Fundamentals of a Performance
    • the set
    • movement and timing
    • improvisation
    • creating a character
    • costumes and makeup
    • character analysis
    • lighting and sound
    • and more!
  • Multiple dramatic formats broaden your students' perspective of drama
    • mime
    • contemporary realism
    • TV and radio
    • A glossary defines key literary and theatrical terms.
    • commedia dell'arte
    • Noh theatre
    • farce

Teacher Resources

  • plot summaries
  • support for teaching the anthology
  • assessment opportunities
  • enrichment activities