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Connections: Writing & Language

Grades 6–12

An easy-to-use reference for writing, language, speaking, and listening skills

The student-friendly format is perfect for supporting both instruction and independent writing as well as critical reading and communication skills. The comprehensive coverage of writing and language standards and reference approach provides teachers the flexibility they need to meet diverse classroom needs.


Each writing genre is focused on the critical elements of good writing and includes

  • student models of common structural elements
  • strategies, questions, and guidelines for planning, focusing, and organizing ideas
  • guidelines and suggestions for drafting each section of writing
  • ways to identify improvement areas and shape the final product through editing and revising
  • using language to energize and clarify writing
  • rubrics for self-evaluation


Grammar, usage, and mechanics chapters are numbered and broken into small sections, allowing students to quickly access relevant topics and examples. Each chapter includes

  • a QuickGuide defining chapter terms and page references for each topic
  • topics with clear definitions followed by examples, model writing excerpts, and handy reference tables to bring each concept to life
  • direct applications to good writing including editing guidelines, revising for more powerful writing, word choice, and style.
  • ample practice for each topic (reproducible grade-level skillbooks are provided digitally)

Reading, Speaking, and Listening

The program also supports students as they develop their reading, speaking, and listening skills.

  • Close reading helps students create meaning from texts as they define the purpose for each read, ask questions, identify patterns, analyze evidence, and share their insights with others.
  • Word Study reinforces skills and strategies for building a more powerful vocabulary and using words that clearly communicate meaning.
  • Speaking and Listening provides quick reference on strategies for speaking formally and informally, listening actively, and collaborating in groups.

Lesson Planning & Instructional Support

The teacher edition and the digital toolkit provide planning guidance and instructional support including

  • PowerPoint minilessons in writing and language
  • guided instruction
  • warm-up activities
  • differentiation strategies
  • collaborative learning activities
  • workplace applications


Extensive assessment resources contain

  • pretests, chapter, and end-of-course tests
  • rubrics
  • student models

Practice Activities

Grade-level practice activities reinforce skills in

  • grammar
  • usage
  • mechanics
  • vocabulary
  • spelling