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  • Connections: English Language Arts

    Connections: English Language Arts

    Help students connect with complex texts with this comprehensive, integrated curriculum.
  • Literature & Thought

    Literature & Thought

    Teach students to be critical readers and thinkers through a unique questioning strategy supporting close reading of complex texts.
  • Connections: Literature

    Connections: Literature

    Challenging, relevant literature anthologies fit the curriculum and make literature meaningful and enjoyable for both students and teachers.
  • Shakespeare-ience


    Re-energize your curriculum with unabridged versions of three Shakespearean plays.
  • Retold Tales® Myths and Folktales

    Retold Tales® Myths and Folktales

    Respectful, engaging retellings of cultural myths and folktales from around the world for students reading below grade level.
  • Retold Tales® Literature

    Retold Tales® Literature

    Designed for secondary students reading below grade level, these adapted cultural tales and classic literature align with your curriculum.