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Literature & Thought

Reviews and Testimonials

Grades 6-12

"The more I used the text with the students, the more impressed I became. These are really premium pieces of literature. The excerpts get right to the crux of the issue. I could pick this up and use a tremendous amount without doing anything extra. It's really the important information. Students were asking to read ahead. I enjoyed this more than any other text in my years of teaching."

Susan Osborne, English/Drama Teacher
Shenandoah Valley Academy
New Market, Virginia

"I love the Literature & Thought series and so do my students. It helped them gain prior knowledge for their US History class as we focused on literature dealing with Vietnam, Civil Rights, WWII and the Civil War."

Natalie Bolden, Teacher
Peekskill, New York

"…I ordered 1 copy of Literature & Thought The Harlem Rennaisance along with the Teacher's Guide. It arrived within a week! Normally book orders take forever. I loved it so much that I decided to use my own money to order 10 more copies which arrived quickly too! I'm sure I will be ordering more from Perfection in the future."

Nicole Ifill, Special Education Teacher
Coalition School for Social Change
New York, New York

"The essential question format of Literature & Thought is how gifted curriculum is designed. I've always taught a unit on humor, so I was excited to receive these books."

Kimberley Rodriguez, Teacher
Georgia O'Keeffe Elementary
Albuquerque, New Mexico