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Connections: Literature

Engage students in a rich set of texts, both classic and contemporary, as you probe relevant issues, generate lively discussion, and develop critical reading and writing skills.

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The Connections Difference

Easy to Use—
No Distractions!

Selections have a minimum amount of apparatus allowing students to focus on the literature. Teachers have just the right amount of support to speed implementation and keep classroom activities focused and goal oriented.


Focused—One Learning Objective per Lesson

A clear purpose, the Literary Lens, enables students to direct their own learning as they read, gather evidence, discuss, analyze, and share through carefully scaffolded tasks.


Flexible Implementation

Develop specific skills, integrate selections into the workshop model, refresh unit studies, or replace your literature texts—the choice is yours!



Develop Literary Analysis Skills

Each selection contains a Literary Lens focusing attention on a specific ELA skill designed to improve students’ ability to draw meaning from the text. Through supported reading, discussion, and writing tasks, students practice and apply the targeted skill both on their own and through small groups.

Special Focus

Every Connections: Literature anthology has a special grade-specific focus providing continuity through all the texts in the anthology. Based on research and feedback from teachers, these special focus activities allow students to go deep in developing their reading and writing abilities.

  • Ninth Grade—Writing Workshops
  • Tenth Grade—Research
  • Eleventh Grade—Author’s Style
  • Twelfth Grade—Thinking and Reading Critically

Lesson Planning & Instructional Support

Includes unit planners, varied assessments, writing prompts and projects, and suggestions for developing Shared Inquiry™ in the ELA classroom.

Differentiated for ELL students, striving readers, gifted students, and students working at grade level.



A Multicultural Reader
Collection One

Exemplary contemporary literature blends the uniqueness and commonalities of all cultures. Selections provoke students to reflect upon their own cultural heritage and consider other viewpoints.

A writing chapter addresses personal narrative and personal voice. It provides student-written models and guides students through the writing process.

Special Focus: Making Cultural Collections—Students connect with the universal themes and begin to break cultural barriers by comparing and contrasting cultural heritages and viewpoints, making personal connections with the stories, and debating relevant issues.



A Multicultural Reader
Collection Two

Diverse selections are organized by themes that relate to students’ lives. Selections allow students to reflect on the external differences and inner similarities of all cultures.

A writing chapter guides students in the writing process with student examples, organizational guidelines, revising tips, and rubrics.

Special Focus: Making Cultural Collections—Students gain a better understanding of their own culture and the cultures of others by comparing and contrasting various social practices, values, and belief systems; engaging in critical discussions and debates; and writing about issues of equity and social justice.



Literature for Readers and Writers

Students open the doors to deeper understanding of relevant issues through a powerful blend of classic and contemporary works across a variety of genres blended together in thematic units.

Special Focus: Writing Workshops—Gain an appreciation of the writer’s craft through the Writers on Writing at the end of each unit. Students apply these insights and develop voice, style, and fluency through the Writing Workshop activities.

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Reading the World
Contemporary Literature from Around the Globe

Engage in cultures from across the world through this thought-provoking collection of contemporary works from critically-acclaimed writers.

Special Focus: Research—Extend literary and cultural knowledge through research activities and hands-on projects using a range of tools and the included Research Handbook.

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American Voices

Exploring the six historical eras from the 1820s to today, students discover how literary movements and themes influenced the development of ideas and culture in America both then and now.

Special Focus: Author's Style—Enrich understanding of writer’s style through pre-reading summaries, analysis, discussion, and writing activities. Apply learning and develop individual style through longer writing projects.

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British Literature
Traditions and Change

Make the expanse of British Literature from the 400s through today accessible and inviting through context-building features such as “A Teen of the Time,” compare and contrast activities connecting historical events to today, and modern English support for difficult passages.

Special Focus: Think and Read Critically—Prepare for reading through Think Critically questions designed to stimulate engagement and purpose. Re-read, analyze, and compare/contrast through a Read Critically activity.

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