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Connections: Literature

British Literature: Traditions and Change

Grades 9-12

An anthology with a focus on critical thinking and connections among texts

A vibrant, engaging, and accessible book presenting British literature chronologically from the mid-400s through today. 992 pages.

Special Focus: Critical Thinking and Connections Among Texts

Students explore fine literature and use critical thinking strategies across a range of genres. In approaching texts comparatively and critically, students are challenged to read deeply, think creatively, and write meaningfully.


A complete survey course at only $40.95—less than half the price of other British literature texts!


  • Students experience the literary, historic, and artistic influences of a time period and experience life as a teen in each time. Students see how the thoughts and ideals of a generation and culture connect to those that came before and those that follow.
  • Discussion and writing activities relate modern issues to classic literature.
  • Students find evidence to support interpretations and apply and extend their understanding through engaging and relevant activities.
  • Students use critical thinking skills to explore modern relevance by relating a piece of contemporary literature to the literature in the unit and to modern issues.
  • A look at classic novels and their impact on British and world literature.


  • Scaffolded reading support
    • select early-era works include original text and a line-by-line modern translation
    • in-text summaries and primary source visuals preview difficult selections
    • boldfaced type for essential ideas and themes
  • A critical thinking page preceding each unit presents a key skill developed during the unit instruction.
  • An engaging, highly visual timeline sets the stage for understanding the literature, history, art, and important issues of each era as well as contemporaneous events around the world.
  • Before-reading pages build on students' knowledge; introduce author biographies, literary elements, and themes; and guide students to apply critical thinking to the reading experience.

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