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Nine Muses: Modern Plays from Classics Myths

Grades 6–12

Original one-act plays for an entire unit on classic mythology

Mystery, intrigue, tragedy, humor, romance—tales of the ancient deities have them all! This anthology of contemporary plays is narrated by the Nine Muses, each of whom has her own unique and sometimes offbeat perspective on a classic myth.

Students will be instantly engaged by these lively new renditions. Teachers will appreciate the scholarly basis behind the stories and the extensive materials in the Student Edition that round out the study of mythology. 264 pages.

The anthology includes

  • Creating Context—a superb introduction to mythology, including the source of myths, the world of classic mythology, and the gods/goddesses at a glance.
  • Nine royalty-free plays, each presented as theatre and as literature.
    —The Apple of Discord
    —Demeter and Persephone
    —Eros and Psyche
    —Orpheus and Eurydice
    —Phaeton and the Sun Chariot
    —Prometheus Unbound
    —Odysseus and the Sirens
  • Extensions—thumbnail myths, a glossary, and further readings.

Teacher Guide

I includes suggestions for teaching each play as myth, literature, or theatre.

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  1. Nine Muses: Modern Plays from Classic Myths

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  2. Nine Muses: Modern Plays from Classic Myths

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