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Mastering Competitive Individual Events

Grades 9–12

Thorough instruction in major speech and drama individual events

Utilizing a step-by-step approach, students and coaches learn to prepare for and present major speech and drama events in state and national individual events competitions.

In addition to modern analysis of theory, full texts of successful speeches are presented as well as useful classroom activities.

Authored by experienced teachers who have coached several state championships and over 50 national qualifiers.

Individual events covered include

  • updated speech topics
  • updated list of plays for choosing selections
  • original oratory
  • extemporaneous speaking
  • expository speaking
  • impromptu speaking
  • dramatic interpretation
  • humorous interpretation
  • prose and poetry interpretation
  • duet acting
  • improvised duet acting
  • duo interpretation


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  1. Mastering Competitive Individual Events

    Mastering Competitive Individual Events


    Help students develop the skills and preparation they need for debate success through inquiry-based exercises involving argumentation, rebuttals, defense, flowing, and research methods. Develop students vocabulary and critical thinking skills necessary in multiple debate formats. Covers a wide range of competitive debate formats, public forum, Lincoln-Douglas debate, world schools, mock trial, and congressional and parliamentary debate. Learn More

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