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Better Test Scores for Standardized Tests

Grades 3-8

Prepare students to take traditional standardized tests in three content areas

Choose these test preparation books when:

  • students take one of the following standardized tests
    • CAT
    • SAT
    • CTBS
    • MAT
    • ITBS
  • students take any test that has multiple-choice (selective-response) items
  • vocabulary is tested in isolation, not in context

Loaded with test-taking strategies!

Each Student Book has

  • general test-taking tips
  • top tips for taking tests
  • 2 to 4 additional tips, hints, and strategies highlighted in each lesson
  • a quick review of key concepts and skills in each lesson

The Student Books can be used as

  • a review before taking a standardized test
  • a take-home study
  • an after-school program
  • a summer school program