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Who Says? The Writer's Research

Deborah Holdstein & Danielle Aquiline

Gives students the tools they need to successfully conduct research in today's digital world

This brief guide focuses on information literacy, showing students not only how to do research but also why research is important. 5-1/4" x 7-1/4", 178 pages.


  • students learn to think critically about ownership and authority and how to find and incorporate credible sources in their writing
  • addresses research issues in the age of collaborative information sites like Wikipedia that can oversimplify information
  • develop confident and compelling student writing voices by teaching them how to synthesize their own ideas with the ideas of others
  • an overview of academic citation styles, featuring two sample research papers cited in both MLA and APA formats
  • information on presenting research, including presentations with visual materials
  • checklist for student-centered peer review
  • hands-on activities include visuals, charts, checklists, and exercises designed to help students improve their writing and research

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  1. Who Says? The Writer's Research

    Who Says? The Writer's Research

    Student Edition Softcover

    Focuses on information literacy showing students not only HOW to do research but also WHY research is important, particulary in today's digital world. Learn More

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