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Basic Principles of American Government

Grades 9–12

  • Chapter Review exercises include stimulus-based questions, an issue-based essay, and a document-based question to challenge students to read and synthesize primary sources, charts, graphs, and political cartoons.
  • Each chapter ends with an inquiry-based activity to answer, followed by Concept Application Tasks to practice civic participation.
  • Unit Reviews provide students with targeted practice of each of the six social studies skills through writing and research activities, completion of graphic organizers, and in answering the Unit Essential Question.
  • Includes the complete text of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.
  • Vocabulary minilessons for English learners that connect vocabulary to each chapter’s key concepts are provided in the Language of Government digital resource.
  • Follows the C3 Framework and addresses the Inquiry Arc’s Four Dimensions through essential and compelling questions, comprehensive content, skills development, and communication of student understanding.
  • Basic Principles of American Government