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Cover-to-Cover Hi-Lo Books

Reading Level 1–6 | GRL L–X | Lexile Level 270–920 | Interest Level 2–9

The guided reading levels have been assigned using the guidelines identified in GUIDED READING and MATCHING BOOKS TO READERS by Irene C. Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell (Heinemann).

Cover-to-Cover Hi/Lo Digital Library
Includes ebook editions of all Cover-to-Cover Hi-Lo titles and title-specific teacher support.
All teachers, all students-unlimited building access for 1 year.

Includes 1 softcover copy of each title in a set and FREE digital teacher resources.

Includes 6 softcover copies of each title in a storage bag.

Teacher Support
Digital Library, Complete Set, and Sampler purchases include digital access to title-specific teaching support.

Chapter Books

Engaging fiction and informational text paired in each book
Reading Level 1–4 | GRL L–Q | Lexile Level 270–660 | Interest Level 2–6
  • These easy-reading chapter books offer high-interest fiction or informational text to smooth the transition from narrative to expository text.
  • The sophisticated look and highly appealing, grade-appropriate topics are perfect for students in grades 2 to 6.
  • Short chapters, carefully chosen vocabulary, and close text/illustration matches support striving readers.
  • Curricular-aligned topics teach important content while developing content-area literacy skills. Choose from titles covering ancient civilizations, the American Revolution, the Civil War, westward expansion, animals, toys and hobbies, and more.
  • Fiction captures interest and engages students, creating active readers.
  • Informational text features support content-area literacy.
  • 56 pages

Informational Books

Build critical skills in content-area comprehension for striving readers
Reading Level 2–6 | GRL R–X | Lexile Level 510–920 | Interest Level 4–9
  • These entertaining and educational informational texts offer grade-appropriate, highly engaging content for social studies, science, and language arts.
  • Curricular-aligned topics teach important content while developing content-area literacy skills. Choose from titles covering ancient worlds, exploration and America's early days, American history, mysteries in history, sports, and more.
  • Genres capture interest and engage students.
  • Vocabulary is bolded in text, defined in context, and featured in glossary.
  • Important informational text features support content-area literacy.
  • 56–72 pages


A wide variety of fiction designed for striving readers
Reading Level 2–3 | GRL O–T | Lexile Level 310–710 | Interest Level 4–9
  • Choose from historical and biographical fiction, contemporary fiction, mystery, sports, humor, fantasy and more to meet the interests of all of your striving readers.
  • Exciting plots and fully developed narratives engage striving readers.
  • Carefully chosen vocabulary, natural-sounding dialogue, and manageable chapter lengths ensure reading success.
  • Sophisticated covers, trim size, and design make books appealing to upper elementary and middle school readers.
  • Multicultural characters and a wide variety of fictional genres offer choices for all students.
  • Relevant topics and themes are perfect for English Language Learners.
  • Historical and biographical novels enhance the social studies curriculum.
  • 64–112 pages

Timeless Classics

Retellings of classic literature and cultural tales
Reading Level 1–4 | GRL O–T | Lexile Level 440–640 | Interest Level 4–9
  • These anthologies provide striving readers with collections of adapted classic tales from around the world and time-honored short works by some of literature's most respected authors.
  • Each anthology includes three to ten tales, legends, myths, or short stories and an original play.
  • Short selections, carefully chosen vocabulary, and appealing visuals help striving readers comprehend and enjoy the content.
  • Stories from famous authors build cultural literacy.
  • A play in each anthology develops fluency and reinforces the theme.
  • 64–88 pages