Earth Science: The Physical Setting

Earth Science: The Physical Setting

Grades 8–12

Comprehensive earth science curriculum

Covers all major earth science topics including including geology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy.

Focuses on real world topics including earth measures and models, minerals, rocks, weathering, erosion, how water shapes the earth’s surface, the atmosphere, space science, and more. Engage students through exciting activities and over 50 hands-on laboratory exercises.

Students build content mastery with features such as embedded math support, expanded sample sets, and skill activities.

Track progress with chapter tests, unit reviews, and project-based assessments.

Titles in This Program



  • Earth Science: The Physical Setting
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  • Earth Science: The Physical Setting - Laboratory and Skills Manual
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Program Features & Resources

  • Chapters contain links to resources that provide additional information and engaging activities.
  • Earth Science Reference Tables include important measurements, equations, maps, and identification tables.
  • Addresses Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Disciplinary Core Ideas (the Three Dimensions) as described by the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
Teacher Materials

Teacher Manual

Practical support includes

  • Lesson Planners for each chapter detailing a day-by-day instructional sequence with the topic and pages to be covered in the student edition and the related homework.
  • hands-on student activities to make earth science come alive including a list of required materials and real-life applications.
  • interactive unit reviews and assessments for learning.
  • an Answer Key.
Look Inside

Sample Pages

Laboratory & Skills Manual

Student Edition

Laboratory exercises and inquiry-based Skill Sheets review important earth science concepts. It can be used with any high school earth science textbook.

  • Suggestions for the Teacher provide strategies for differentiating instruction.
  • Teachers choose from 50+ inquiry-based lab activities.
  • 40 Skill Sheets may be used to introduce or review topics before students perform a laboratory activity.
  • Materials are teacher ready. Labs and Skill Sheets are provided for formative assessment.

Teacher Manual

Traditional laboratory exercises and inquiry-based Skill Sheets and Labs are included. Tips for Teachers contain suggestions for making Skill Sheets and Labs more inquiry based.