Global History & Geography: Readings and Documents

Global History & Geography: Readings and Documents

By Norman L. Lunger | Grades 9–12

Primary sources to extend topics in Global History and Geography: The Growth of Civilizations

This collection of 115 primary source readings and documents, spanning from 2000 B.C. to the present, provides excellent preparation for AP® or end-of-course global history and geography exams.

Documents emphasize the special contributions to human experience and knowledge that different societies have made over the millennia.
Readings include religious texts and classical narratives, writings about human rights, laws and codes of justice and personal behavior, diary entries, poems and folktales, and historical and contemporary illustrations. Unit readings include document-based questions.

Documents represent the laws, codes, and rules of behavior of various societies; special contributions to the human experience; writings about political, social, and human rights; and more.

Introductions provide relevant background information, describing the culture, time period, and persons in the document. Review questions focus on spurring critical thinking and thorough discussion of key concepts.

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  • Global History and Geography: Readings and Documents
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