Government for Everybody

Government for Everybody

Grades 9–12

This accessible text for all learners examines a wide range of governmental practices in the U.S.

Skills Exercises develop the essential skills students need to acquire, organize, and use information and to communicate their own views effectively.

Units cover the origins of the United States government, the Constitution, the presidency, the Supreme Court, Congress, domestic and foreign policy, state and local government, and participation in government. Maps, illustrations, photographs, political cartoons, graphs, and diagrams present concepts and information visually.

End-of-chapter reviews include multiple-choice questions, essays, document-based questions, and critical thinking skills exercises while section review questions reinforce understanding.

Appendices include the complete text of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution and summaries of landmark Supreme Court cases.

The Teacher Package includes a Teacher Manual and an Assessment component with lesson plans, unit tests, answer keys and related nonfiction and fiction books for extended learning.

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Government for Everybody, Second Edition
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